DDB South Africa Wins Four Awards at African Cristal Awards

DDB South Africa won two Golds, a Silver and a Bronze at the African Cristal Awards held in Morocco last week Friday.
The awards were for the Skittles (Smuggle the Rainbow), McDonald’s (Houses) and (Night & Day) campaigns.

 It’s the latest achievement after the Loeries Awards that took place in Cape Town recently.
Well done to everyone involved.


FNB "Reinvention"


DDB South Africa's latest commercial for FNB Savings and Investment takes a break from their lethally effective brainchild ‘Steve’, to deliver a product message with a big brand feel.

The ad takes place in a world where some of man’s inventions have progressed and some haven’t. It aims to make one simple point, that invention is good but reinvention is better. It signals true progress.

Over the past few years FNB has become synonymous with innovation. Their online service, device deals and rewards schemes have literally changed day-to-day banking. The Bank adopted the same approach when restructuring their saving and investment products, allowing clients to invest any amount they choose, over any period and with any access.

All that was required was to take dry “bank-speak” and turn it into compelling advertising. No mean feat.

Taking this into consideration DDB set out to truly define who FNB is and came up with the enviable positioning line, “Save with the bank that reinvented banking”. The commercial highlights the importance of reinvention in humanity’s progress and tells of how FNB has just reinvented the savings and investment category.

Written by agency creatives Matt Berge and Hital Pandya, and shot by Giant Film’s Robin Goode (right outside Bank City), the ad’s understated humour and simple elegance make it notable in the world of financial advertising. And prove that innovation is as much a part of DDB’s DNA as it is our clients’.

Lyle and Scott Celebrates 140 year Anniversary


South Africa is celebrating Lyle & Scott’s 140th anniversary with the launch of the 140 Series. 
To commemorate a 140 years of heritage, artists, creatives and fans of the brand are called upon to create an original piece of artwork for the campaign.  Each contributor is invited to produce and submit one piece of artwork that represents their chosen year between 1874 and 2014.
When all of the entries have been submitted, the 140 art pieces will be available to view at www.lyleandscott.co.za. 

A live auction will take place from 10 September to 6 October, where everyone is invited to celebrate this milestone with Lyle & Scott. All the art pieces will be exhibited in a gallery for everyone to see and proud owners of the art will take their pieces home.
The artists will recieve full profit from their artwork, the top three pieces of art that fetch the highest bids will also receive, R 5000, R3 000 and R2000 respectively.
To support the creative series advertising agency, DDB South Africa will offer two paid six-month internships to student participants.

DDB South Africa Recognised Internationally by the FWA for Skittles


The innovative Smuggle The Rainbow Campaign for Skittles has been honoured by the Favourite Website Awards (FWA), an international internet award program, and awarded Site of the Day yesterday, 11 August 2014. 

The campaign, conceived by DDB South Africa, was aimed at relaunching the confectionary in the local market earlier this year. The brief was simple: Make your target audience ask WTF? A brief most creative’s yearn for. 

After much brainstorming and deliberating, DDB South Africa decided on the concept of Smuggle The Rainbow. Taste The Rainbow. An interactive experience that used facial recognition to track a user’s facial movements; the idea was that only straight faced people would be able to smuggle Skittles successfully. Two characters were employed to bring the campaign to life; Leon, the busted smuggler assisting the user and Customs Officer Oosthuizen, who would attempt to ‘bust’ the user before they could place their Skittles in the rainbow. DDB South Africa also incorporated Facebook Connect to make the experience personal. 

The ‘Smuggle The Rainbow. Taste The Rainbow.’ Website was selected from thousands of entries received each month by a panel of FWA judges. The judges stem from around the world and are leaders in their industries comprising heads of digital agencies, corporate tech companies and brands on the forefront of digital innovation. The FWA recognises and rewards cutting edge creativity. It’s an accomplishment DDB South Africa is proud to have achieved.

Social links:
Skittles Facebook: www.facebook.com/Skittles 
Skittles Twitter: www.twitter.com/SkittlesSA
DDB Twitter: www.twitter.com/DDBSouthAfrica 
FWA Site: http://www.thefwa.com/site/smuggle-the-rainbow-taste-the-rainbow