Aromat Chases 53 Million Eggs And Wins

DDB South Africa and Unilever won Bronze last night at the prestigious 2015 APEX awards in the Change Category for their entry titled “Chasing 53 million eggs”.“The Aromat campaign saw remarkable results for the brand. We got more households to shake Aromat onto their food and proved that Aromat’s light-hearted and positive take on life is exactly what South Africans want to hear and see. Changing the communication on the brand and giving it a new point of view has helped turn the brand around and drive consistent growth,” says Conrad Shezi, Savoury Marketing Director of Unilever South Africa.

The campaign is a marked departure for the brand. During the latter part of 2013, DDB, Unilever SA and Innate Motion developed a new ‘Brand Love Key’ for Aromat, retaining the essential assets of the brand while finding a greater, light-hearted purpose for it by showing people the lighter side of an otherwise unpleasant scenario.

View the Aromat Ad here:

Armed with this new brand blueprint, DDB and Unilever set out to bring this new thinking to life. It wasn’t going to be an easy task, since Aromat had been losing sales and market share. But in the end the campaign delivered. Market penetration grew by 4%, brand equity scores exceeded target reaching 66 points, as did the brand attribute scores. Sales also increased by 3.4%. Now these figures might not seem impressive at first glance, when we put things into real terms, DDB and Unilever moved an additional 123 tonnes of Aromat over the campaign period – a phenomenal feat considering that on average, a person only consumes approximately 5mg of Aromat per egg.


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