DDB SA’s Bit For Mandela Day

With Mandela Day being only a day away, DDB South Africa has decided to approach the day a little differently this year.
Most companies mean well by collaborating with charity groups to show their support for the less fortunate. Unfortunately, a lot of people in need get overlooked through this process, simply because they do not belong to a formal charity organisation and as a result, never get to experience the spirit of this great day.

This lead us to our idea: Lunch packs! We asked our staff members to donate typical lunch box items like spreads, sandwich fillings, juice and fruit by 16 July to make up individual lunch packs. Each staff member took a completed lunch pack and gave it to an ordinary person they encounter daily, whom they felt could do with a decent meal. This could be the guy they pass at the traffic light on their way home or anyone else who they felt in their hearts needed a meal.

Our message this year is: Take time to make a real difference!

Happy Mandela Month


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