DDB South Africa Recognised Internationally by the FWA for Skittles


The innovative Smuggle The Rainbow Campaign for Skittles has been honoured by the Favourite Website Awards (FWA), an international internet award program, and awarded Site of the Day yesterday, 11 August 2014. 

The campaign, conceived by DDB South Africa, was aimed at relaunching the confectionary in the local market earlier this year. The brief was simple: Make your target audience ask WTF? A brief most creative’s yearn for. 

After much brainstorming and deliberating, DDB South Africa decided on the concept of Smuggle The Rainbow. Taste The Rainbow. An interactive experience that used facial recognition to track a user’s facial movements; the idea was that only straight faced people would be able to smuggle Skittles successfully. Two characters were employed to bring the campaign to life; Leon, the busted smuggler assisting the user and Customs Officer Oosthuizen, who would attempt to ‘bust’ the user before they could place their Skittles in the rainbow. DDB South Africa also incorporated Facebook Connect to make the experience personal. 

The ‘Smuggle The Rainbow. Taste The Rainbow.’ Website was selected from thousands of entries received each month by a panel of FWA judges. The judges stem from around the world and are leaders in their industries comprising heads of digital agencies, corporate tech companies and brands on the forefront of digital innovation. The FWA recognises and rewards cutting edge creativity. It’s an accomplishment DDB South Africa is proud to have achieved.

Social links:
Skittles Facebook: www.facebook.com/Skittles 
Skittles Twitter: www.twitter.com/SkittlesSA
DDB Twitter: www.twitter.com/DDBSouthAfrica 
FWA Site: http://www.thefwa.com/site/smuggle-the-rainbow-taste-the-rainbow

Converse Announces Get Out Of The Garage 2014 Winner


This week Converse thrilled fans when it announced that Early Hours was the winner of the Get Out Of The Garage 2014 competition. 

Early Hours was one of 335 bands who entered the competition this year. After three intense days of judging, Catherine Grenfell, HHP and Darryl Torr announced the Top 10 in June. Voting was then left in the hands of the public, with over 8,000 votes cast.

The winning band will go on an international trip which will take them to Europe where they will have the opportunity to unleash their sound on an international stage. One lucky fan who voted for them, Paula Church, has won an all-expenses paid trip to join them in Europe to see them in action.

Fans of Early Hours can follow @Converse_Africa for updates as the band jet-off to Europe and America later this year. 

Honda SA Launches the Honda Music Experience


Honda, one of the most reliable car producers in the world has launched the Honda Music Experience this month, a weekly event that aims to appeal to a younger audience. 

Held at the Assembly, one of Cape Town's trendiest venues, revellers get to see some of their favourite bands and DJs presented by Honda. 

In addition, fans can also win tickets to these events and could also stand a chance to win a double ticket to see Pharrell Williams live in Paris 

DDB and FNB Win Gold At Apex Awards


DDB South Africa on behalf of FNB Consumer Bank won the GRAND PRIX and GOLD in the Sustain Category for their Switch Campaign; also popularly known as “Steve”, last night at the prestigious 2014 APEX awards.

“Since its launch in 2011, Steve has done some remarkable things for FNB,” says Anthea Nussey, Head of Consumer Marketing at FNB. “We’re absolutely thrilled to have DDB and FNB win this award”

Launched in May 2011, Steve has been heralded as the most successful campaign in the bank’s history.  With over 220 radio executions – and counting – Steve is a fictional character working at the fictitious [Beep] Bank, tasked with recruiting and retaining customers for his employer.  Unfortunately for him, the people he calls are already customers at FNB who rattle off a list of benefits they receive from FNB, which [Beep] Bank simply cannot match.

So what is the secret behind Steve’s success?

Although it went against every rule in copywriting, DDB decided to develop scripts that discarded single-mindedness in favour of multiple messages and products, followed by the simple but very deliberate question, “Does your bank do all that?” The answer to which would always end up favourable for FNB.

The campaign has delivered some remarkable results for the bank. But the Steve-effect is much further-reaching than just the numbers.

In short, FNB’s Steve has become an icon.


Skittles relaunches in South Africa


Candy brand Skittles is sneaking back into the country after a brief hiatus and you won’t believe how they're doing it.

“Smuggle the Rainbow. Taste the rainbow”

South Africans, under lead character Leon’s instruction, are tasked to get past Customs Officer Oosthuizen by staying straight-faced.

Using facial recognition, recruited smugglers’ facial movements are tracked and interpreted. 

In order to smuggle their Skittles into the country, each candy contrabandist has to undergo and survive three intense and disturbing interrogations with Officer Oosthuizen. Even the slightest twitch, smile or grimace and they will be busted.

 If a smuggler manages to get through all three interrogation rooms with a straight face, they will be directed to the Skittles South Africa landing page.

If you have what it takes to be a contrabandist then visit: www.skittles.co.za and help #SmuggleTheRainbow

The End of Serious!


Wall’s Ice Cream has launched ‘Goodbye Serious’.

In a move that will appeal to younger audiences, Wall’s has adopted a more interactive and innovative approach to their new campaign. Simple, effective and impactful, it features literal interpretations of its positioning through YouTube features.

Three yawn-worthy mock current affairs videos were created, barely more viewable than watching paint dry using a news anchor, a politician and a Canadian-American campaigner.

Crucial to the campaign are the interactive pop-up questions offering viewers the opportunity to ‘Keep Watching’ or ‘Say Goodbye To Serious’ where after unexpected humour follows and the gravity of serious content is deflated, literally!

See it for yourself by clicking any of these YouTube links and let Wall’s Ice Cream help you Say Goodbye to Serious!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z6JYF4H2SNQ

Converse launches Photo Clash in South Africa


After launching the Converse Sneakers Clash Campaign, which saw dull city walls brought to life across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, the brand introduced the second instalment of the campaign called Photo Clash in April 2014.

Held at Sgt. Pepper, Long Street in Cape Town, fans submitted their images via Twitter by tagging Converse with #clashmyhoto. Their snaps were then reworked into unique pieces by illustrators Ninja Bread Boy and Bruce Mackay and tweeted back to them.

The result was two very successful days with hundreds of submissions and still counting.

Follow the conversation @Converse_Africa #clashmyphoto 

Avoid the Drama


Imagine not being able to watch quality TV programs because you forgot to pay your TV licence and have put up with noisy neighbours. It’s sad isn’t it?  

Avoid all the drama this year and sign up to pay for your TV licence at over 10 000 outlets nationwide.  Rather watch how it unfolds in our latest TVC for the SABC below:  


Unlearn Your Established Thoughts


What if you were told that if you ‘forget’ everything you were taught and looked with fresh eyes, your world would change?

Sounds like a great idea, but not always as simple as it sounds. Letting go of everything you’ve learned would mean you need to start all over again. Before you laugh or panic, stop and think about it for a moment. Think about this, if society taught you how to act and how to think, are you just a mould of who society wants you to be? This is what Anti Est is about. It’s not about knowing the answer, but questioning the known.

Based in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, this contemporary urban establishment is about going against the grain and questioning everything you know.  Fitted with a well-sourced and stylish bar makes it the ideal place to get your thinking process going. The focus is to break boundaries set by your own mind and set your thoughts free.

Modern society thrives on shared information and how much can be shared.  This sadly can turn some thinkers into non-thinkers and just accept what’s out there.  Anti Est’s mantra is to counter that and forget everything you think you know. By bringing proudly imperfect minds together to express themselves and walk away with clear thought that’s unique and personal.



Anti Est .jpeg

Welcome Back!


It’s 2014 and we hope that you enjoyed the festive season and you’re ready to tackle the New Year.  It could get very busy.

That’s what we're focused on at DDB South Africa.  With every year comes new challenges such as the change of business and how we live our lives with the ever changing tech-scape.

We've been hard at work preparing for those new challenges by working on some riveting and exciting projects this year.

Before we say too much, we hope your 2014 rocks!

The year that has been


After a long and busy year, 2013 has finally come to a close.

DDB South Africa had a great year which saw us win various awards in and around the country.  One particular campaign was the McDonalds Kids Parties print AD.  Resonating with many viewers, it took various awards at the Loeries, London International Awards and Epica Awards.

Other exciting developments also took place this year. Our team has been fortunate enough to work on FNB’s “Where the Beep is Steve?”   campaign.  Steve goes missing and is replaced by a few well-known personalities and was dubbed “The Replacements”. 

We also scooped our first social media award for the 5Gum Experience at this year’s Bookmarks Awards - the first of many to come for the digital team.

Amongst other accolades, we pulled off a successful “Get Out of the Garage” digital campaign for Converse which broke last year’s record in entries. Bands were challenged to enter and share their music via an app created for the competition. The public had to vote for the finalists and in the end, Jordi took first prize.

To end off the year, we welcomed South Africa’s public broadcaster, the SABC into the agency.

So here’s to a great 2014!

McDonald's takes Gold and Bronze at Epica Awards


The McDonald’s Kids Parties has won yet another award, this time taking gold at the Epica Awards held recently.

Congratulations to the team involved in the campaign once more.

We’d also like to congratulate the FNB team on their success at the Zambia Institute of Marketing Awards (ZIM) - winning Best Creative Radio Advert of the Year (Your Competitors Are Banking with us)




Bronze Winner for McDonald’s at LIA


DDB South Africa received a Bronze award for Print Use of Illustration for McDonald’s Kids Parties at the London International Awards (LIA) yesterday. Only four South African agencies were awarded at the LIA this year.

This same campaign was also selected as a finalist in the Print Consumer Campaign category.

The agency had to build on last year’s campaign that positioned McDonald’s as the perfect venue for children’s birthday parties.

Congratulations to Matthew Berge and Hital Pandya and the entire team who were involved in this campaign.



Matthew is ours.jpg

Knorr Tasty Pap Mix


How do you turn bland pap into great pap? With Knorr Tasty Pap seasoning, of course.

The latest Knorr TVC shows consumers how to turn ordinary pap into delicious tasting pap.

The launch of this product is a great business opportunity for Unilever as pap is the most frequently prepared dish within the product’s target market.


Where the 'beep' is Steve?



Where the 'beep' is Steve?

Over the last 2 years Steve, from Beep Bank, has become a personality that is either loved or hated. He tirelessly calls people, from the confines of Beep Bank's call centre, trying to get them to switch to his bank but with no success. 

For the next episode in the Steve campaign, Steve went missing and we concentrated on hiring his replacement. No one knows where Steve is or when he will be back – he is just gone.

The replacements are well-known celebrities calling FNB customers. The voices we chose were the most recognisable ones we could find in order for listeners to know exactly who they were as soon as they spoke. The campaign was really well received and generated great interest into FNB offerings and Steve's whereabouts.

Stay tuned to find out what happened to Steve?


SA McDonald's McFlurry ad scoops group award.


South Africa’s McDonald’s McFlurry TV Ad has been awarded the best of its kind for 2012/2013.

Beating out some tough competition from the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa region, it was voted the best in the group by McDonald’s executives.

Largely unscripted, the advert illustrates how innocence and wisdom unite in the most uncanny ways. This heartening piece opens with children travelling from an orphanage by bus to the nearest McDonald’s for a McFlurry. Their next and final stop is at an old-age home where we see them sharing their ice-cream with the elderly residents.