Unlearn Your Established Thoughts


What if you were told that if you ‘forget’ everything you were taught and looked with fresh eyes, your world would change?

Sounds like a great idea, but not always as simple as it sounds. Letting go of everything you’ve learned would mean you need to start all over again. Before you laugh or panic, stop and think about it for a moment. Think about this, if society taught you how to act and how to think, are you just a mould of who society wants you to be? This is what Anti Est is about. It’s not about knowing the answer, but questioning the known.

Based in Braamfontein, Johannesburg, this contemporary urban establishment is about going against the grain and questioning everything you know.  Fitted with a well-sourced and stylish bar makes it the ideal place to get your thinking process going. The focus is to break boundaries set by your own mind and set your thoughts free.

Modern society thrives on shared information and how much can be shared.  This sadly can turn some thinkers into non-thinkers and just accept what’s out there.  Anti Est’s mantra is to counter that and forget everything you think you know. By bringing proudly imperfect minds together to express themselves and walk away with clear thought that’s unique and personal.



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