DDB and FNB Win Gold At Apex Awards


DDB South Africa on behalf of FNB Consumer Bank won the GRAND PRIX and GOLD in the Sustain Category for their Switch Campaign; also popularly known as “Steve”, last night at the prestigious 2014 APEX awards.

“Since its launch in 2011, Steve has done some remarkable things for FNB,” says Anthea Nussey, Head of Consumer Marketing at FNB. “We’re absolutely thrilled to have DDB and FNB win this award”

Launched in May 2011, Steve has been heralded as the most successful campaign in the bank’s history.  With over 220 radio executions – and counting – Steve is a fictional character working at the fictitious [Beep] Bank, tasked with recruiting and retaining customers for his employer.  Unfortunately for him, the people he calls are already customers at FNB who rattle off a list of benefits they receive from FNB, which [Beep] Bank simply cannot match.

So what is the secret behind Steve’s success?

Although it went against every rule in copywriting, DDB decided to develop scripts that discarded single-mindedness in favour of multiple messages and products, followed by the simple but very deliberate question, “Does your bank do all that?” The answer to which would always end up favourable for FNB.

The campaign has delivered some remarkable results for the bank. But the Steve-effect is much further-reaching than just the numbers.

In short, FNB’s Steve has become an icon.