5 Gum's A-Track Terror Island

The 3D sound experience you are about to feel, was developed as part of a campaign for the 5Gum’s A-Track concert. Terror Island, is like nothing you’ve ever felt or heard before. Hosted in a Facebook app, users were encouraged to watch the very video you are about to see, as a means to win tickets. We ask that you close your eyes and put on some headphones for the full affect, as Terror Island comes alive.


The 5Gum Experience

Social media and interaction with brands have changed especially amongst the younger markets. Individuals now seek to experience brands online and in the real world, as experiences they can share and enjoy amongst their friends has become an important requirement. So we created the 5GUM Experience: South Africa’s best socially activated events, which gave our music aficionados the chance to experience their favourite bands live. 

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View the full case study