Are there any more famous words in South African advertising?

Listened to by Saffers and loathed by competitor banks, old Steve really has upset the banking apple cart.

Millions of new accounts opened and several awards for advertising effectiveness are testament to the fact not all banks are equal. Nor is their advertising. He’s been loved, hated and pitied – but never ignored.

Stay tuned for the evolution of one of the country’s most enduring and persuasive campaigns. 

FNB- An Ode to the Mainstream Market

The commercial from FNB is an Ode to the Mainstream market.

It demonstrates their ingenious implementation of inventive ideas with everyday things to make their lives easier. They are Smart people that make a plan which FNB sees as a natural fit with their brand and product offering. 

FNB is a bank that is as Smart as the market is.




Where the 'beep' is Steve?

Over the last 2 years Steve, from Beep Bank, has become a personality that is either loved or hated. He tirelessly calls people, from the confines of Beep Bank's call centre, trying to get them to switch to his bank but with no success. For the next episode in the Steve campaign, Steve went missing and we concentrated on hiring his replacement. No one knows where Steve is or when he will be back – he is just gone.

The replacements are well-known celebrities calling FNB customers. The voices we chose were the most recognisable ones we could find in order for listeners to know exactly who they were as soon as they spoke. The campaign was really well received and generated great interest into FNB offerings and Steve's whereabouts. Stay tuned to find out what happened to Steve?