One look at Japanese engineering and you forget the rest. Style, performance and unsurpassed reliability have made Honda one of South Africa’s most-loved automotive badges.

Despite economic downturns, DDB has ensured more and more people get behind the wheel of a Honda than ever, with sharp increases in sales following hot on the wheels of every campaign. When the power of creativity meets the Power of Dreams, the rubber meets the road.


HondaSA Launches the Honda Music Experience

Honda, one of the most reliable car producers in the world has launched the Honda Music Experience this month, a weekly event that appeals to a younger audience.

Held at the Assembly, one of Cape Town's trendiest venues, revellers get to see some of their favourite bands and DJs presented by Honda. 

In addition, fans can also win tickets to these events and could also stand a chance to win a double ticket to see Pharrell Williams live in Paris 

Less Drama

The latest Honda Brio ad explores that while you have enough drama in life, you most certainly don’t need any on the road.

The moment you step into the Honda Brio is the moment you are in your happy place and your sanctuary.

It is the sedan that, you can safely say, is more reliable than life.


Honda Retail Radio


There are so many reasons to consider a Honda, its reliability, its value for money, and of course that its a Honda. This radio campaign gives listeners a few questions to consider asking before they make a mistake. We like it. And we like that its bumped sales by 30%.