Lyle & Scott




Scottish apparel brand Lyle & Scott is the mark of modern sophistication.

Drawing inspiration from the 140-year knitwear heritage and from archives that include designs by Christian Dior and Michael Kors, Lyle & Scott still holds the Royal Warrant today and maintains its reputation for beautifully crafted, Scottish knitwear.



Lyle and Scott Celebrates 140 year Anniversary

South Africa is celebrating Lyle & Scott’s 140th anniversary with the launch of the 140 Series. 
To commemorate a 140 years of heritage, artists, creatives and fans of the brand are called upon to create an original piece of artwork for the campaign.  Each contributor is invited to produce and submit one piece of artwork that represents their chosen year between 1874 and 2014.
When all of the entries have been submitted, the 140 art pieces will be available to view at 

A live auction will take place from 10 September to 6 October, where everyone is invited to celebrate this milestone with Lyle & Scott. All the art pieces will be exhibited in a gallery for everyone to see and proud owners of the art will take their pieces home.
The artists will receive full profit from their artwork, the top three pieces of art  that fetch the highest bids will also receive, R 5000, R3 000 and R2000 respectively.
To support the creative series advertising agency, DDB South Africa will offer two paid six-month internships to student participants.

Lyle & Scott goes retail


Targeted, defined media is good when where your brand is found is limited. That’s why Beepa Sleeves were a perfect fit.  Prominent outside major retail stores, they ensure that L&S is visible when going into and out of the store as well as allowing us to choose selected sites.


37716_beepa sleeve-5.png