Knorr Tasty Pap Mix

How do you turn bland pap into great pap? With Knorr Tasty Pap seasoning, of course.

The latest Knorr TVC shows consumers how to turn ordinary pap into delicious tasting pap.

The launch of this product is a great business opportunity for Unilever as pap is the most frequently prepared dish within the product’s target market.



Unilever, a global company and one of Africa’s largest companies, has been working with DDB South Africa for the last decade.

We’ve kept their savoury business cooking with campaigns for brands such as Knorr, Robertsons, Rajah, Aromat and Knorrox in South Africa as well as Royco, Lipton and Knorr in Sub-Saharan Africa. We’re also turning Royco and Knorr into major players in exploding key markets like Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Zimbabwe.

Our partnership has yielded ground breaking results and created a special place for Unilever products in hearts and pots all over Africa. 


Lipton TV ad


Nigerians drink a wide variety of beverages during the course of the day. Lipton Yellow Label Tea wanted to own the morning occasion and get people to start every day with the great taste of Lipton Tea.

Knorrox TV ad


The Knorrox stock cube had been  reformulated making it even meatier than ever. The objective of the TVC was to make consumers aware that their much loved cubes were now meatier making their sishebos taste even better than before.