DDB South Africa Recognised Internationally by the FWA for Skittles

The innovative Smuggle The Rainbow Campaign for Skittles has been honoured by the Favourite Website Awards (FWA), an international internet award program, and awarded Site of the Day yesterday, 11 August 2014. 

The campaign, conceived by DDB South Africa, was aimed at relaunching the confectionary in the local market earlier this year. The brief was simple: Make your target audience ask WTF? A brief most creative’s yearn for. 

After much brainstorming and deliberating, DDB South Africa decided on the concept of Smuggle The Rainbow. Taste The Rainbow. An interactive experience that used facial recognition to track a user’s facial movements; the idea was that only straight faced people would be able to smuggle Skittles successfully. Two characters were employed to bring the campaign to life; Leon, the busted smuggler assisting the user and Customs Officer Oosthuizen, who would attempt to ‘bust’ the user before they could place their Skittles in the rainbow. DDB South Africa also incorporated Facebook Connect to make the experience personal. 

The ‘Smuggle The Rainbow. Taste The Rainbow.’ Website was selected from thousands of entries received each month by a panel of FWA judges. The judges stem from around the world and are leaders in their industries comprising heads of digital agencies, corporate tech companies and brands on the forefront of digital innovation. The FWA recognises and rewards cutting edge creativity. It’s an accomplishment DDB South Africa is proud to have achieved.

Social links:
Skittles Facebook: www.facebook.com/Skittles 
Skittles Twitter: www.twitter.com/SkittlesSA
DDB Twitter: www.twitter.com/DDBSouthAfrica 
FWA Site: http://www.thefwa.com/site/smuggle-the-rainbow-taste-the-rainbow