Skittles relaunches in South Africa

Candy brand Skittles is sneaking back into the country after a brief hiatus and you won’t believe how they're doing it.

“Smuggle the Rainbow. Taste the rainbow”

South Africans, under lead character Leon’s instruction, are tasked to get past Customs Officer Oosthuizen by staying straight-faced.

Using facial recognition, recruited smugglers’ facial movements are tracked and interpreted. 

In order to smuggle their Skittles into the country, each candy contrabandist has to undergo and survive three intense and disturbing interrogations with Officer Oosthuizen. Even the slightest twitch, smile or grimace and they will be busted.

 If a smuggler manages to get through all three interrogation rooms with a straight face, they will be directed to the Skittles South Africa landing page.

If you have what it takes to be a contrabandist then visit: and help #SmuggleTheRainbow